With an average protein content of 52%, a high degree of digestibility and palatability, it is the ingredient suitable for the production of pefood.

Processed Animal Protein 52

The high soluble protein content, together with a low ash content, makes this product attractive for formulations of animal feed with high nutritional value.

Greaves Meal 

The nutrient balance [N; P; K] and the high digestible protein that characterise this product make it suitable for incorporation into premium organic fertilizers and into highly nutritious feed.

Blood Meal

After purification, low-acid, high-iodine-based used cooking oils are a recommended raw material for biodiesel production.

Used Cooking Oil Max 2 FFA

With an acidity level between 3 and 5 degrees and a structure of naturally saturated fatty acids, it is the right option to provide energetic and palatable value for animal feed and as a raw material for the production of biodiesel.

Animal Fat Max 5 FFA

Exclusively of bovine origin, this white-scale tallow with high melting point is indicated for the oleo-chemical industry.

Beef Tallow 

Exclusively of swine origin, this white lard with a maximum acidity of 1 degree, rich in saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, is indicated for the oleo-chemical industry, biodiesel production and animal feed.


Fat produced under method 1, with a high calorific value, suitable for incorporation into biodiesel or for the production of energy.

Animal Fat Cat. 1 Mix

Carefully selected from small animals (calf skins, <5 kg), medium size (kips, <17 kg) and large size (hides,> 17 kg), these hides are available for the incorporation into high added-value products.

Calf skins | Kips | Hides 


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